Just-n-Case utilizes a blinding strobe light and an ear piercing alarm. It's bright and powerful enough to stun an aggressive person or even a wild animal. It is also a wireless charger for the cell phone which provides 2 to 3 times the battery capacity for your cell phone Don't go out side at night without it, Just-n-case. Comes with a 60 day warranty, mini USB charging cable and simple instructions.

Kevin Harrington Interview with Mike Barnes

Q. Does the Just-n-Case still work when detached from my phone?

A. Yes, the Just-n-Case was designed to work on or off your cell phone. You can keep it in your purse during the day. At night hold it in your hand while walking in a dark location. If your cell phone battery is low you can attach it to the back of your phone to wirelessly charge your cell phone.

Q. How far away will the strobe light make a person turn their head?

A. The strobe light has a current output of 2 amps which will cause an intruder to turn away from the strobing light at a distance of 100 feet or more.

Q. How do I use or fit product on my phone?

A. When ordering it is important that you tell us which cell phone you have because a back cover for your cell phone comes with the Just-n-Case. You can install the Just-n-Case on the back of your phone case or carry it in your purse, whichever you prefer. The Just-n-Case can be attached and detached from your phone as often as you like.

It's made to Fit the Following Phones:

Iphone- 12, XR, X, XS, 11, 11Pro, 12Pro Max, 12 Pro
Samsung- A50, S10, S120E, S10+, A71, A32, A21
Google- P3, P3XL, P4, P4XL, All 20 Models
Motorola- G7, Z4 G Power MOTO 1
LG Premier- PRO K31, Stylo 6 REFLECT

When Ordering You Must Tell Us Which Cell Phone you have.

The Just-n-Case will ship in early 2022