Our Flashlight fits close to your body and penetrates smoke

The Flashlight Firemen have been waiting for...

The Harrisburg, PA fire Department tested 5 flashlights including Fenix and Streamlight and SuperStrike came in first.

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Testimonial From a Fenix Flashlight Ambassador:
We don't have anything to offer that comes close to your flashlight. Thinking through all the major companies, I can't think of anything that comes close.
-Robert K.

This is the brightest flashlight I have ever seen. - Andy S.

What a powerful spotlight, great product. thanks!- Gary S.

I always keep it with me on my night shift, the belt clip is handy. -Amy EMT

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The SuperStrike rechargeable flashlight was invented for firefighters.

It was specifically designed to hang on the turnout coat buckle with a low profile less than one inch thick. This makes for a more comfortable fit and doesn't get in the fireman's way and is easily operated with one hand. It has unparalleled smoke penetration.

Realizing that Firefighters have a rough job the SuperStrike was build like a tank. As a result we do 10 foot drop testing onto concrete.

Our waterproof flashlight has a 2 hour continuous run time on Turbo with a full charge. It comes with a USB charging cable and belt clip that can be installed if needed.

Super-Strike Passes the Test!

Our easy to use and durable flashlight was made with the firefighter in mind so grab a new SuperStrike today and it will fast become your favorite companion.

We spotted the Goodyear blimp one very dark night flying overhead. - John S.