Additional Products

Since the development of the firefighter flashlight many people thought we should make it available to the public. So, we made the SuperStrike for the public in two colors, black and digital camo. It is a good everyday carry flashlight small enough to easily carry on your person, but still powerful enough to light up the night. Even with its comfortable flat design, easily fitting in your shirt or jacket pocket, it has a powerful beam throw of 500 meters. Our flashlight is the light of choice in case of an emergency.

Tactical Flashlight

If you are a member of the military, police force, or have any other tactical job, the SuperStrike flashlight is for you. Our flashlight is very bright, 90,000 CD with a 500 meter range, with an on/off button on the front for easy access. With its flat design it easily fits in a flak jacket pocket or if you prefer it comes with a belt clip. SuperStrike has a 2 hour continuous run time on turbo and can be charged with the mini-USB cable that's included. The SuperStrike flashlight is sure to become you're go-to light to get the job done.

Outdoorsman Flashlight

If you are heading out to go camping or just strolling around the neighborhood at night you definitely need our SuperStrike to keep you safe. Unlike our firefighter flashlight the Outdoorsman light produces soft white light that will light up the entire forest with it's 500 meter beam throw. The first time you use the SuperStrike you won't believe what you're seeing, you'll think,"wow, how can this little flashlight be so bright". No matter if you are hunting, hiking or camping the SuperStrike was built for extreme weather conditions.


What They are saying About the Flashlight

This is the brightest flashlight I have ever seen. - Andy S.

What a powerful spotlight, great product. thanks!- Gary S.

I always keep it with me on my night shift, the belt clip is handy. -Amy EMT

We spotted the Goodyear blimp one very dark night flying overhead. - John S.