About Us

Mike Barnes at Barnes & Hess, pictured here on left with Kevin Harrington, has designed and developed a number of fantastic game-changing products, such as, innovative automotive airbag technology, technology aboard first Mars lander, safer child car restraints, better car passenger safety products and innovative personal care products.

This time he invented a flashlight for firefighters. He saw the flashlights they were using and thought, we can supply them with a superior product. It was specifically designed to hang on the turnout coat buckle with a low profile less than one inch thick. This makes for a more comfortable fit and doesn't get in the fireman's way and is easily operated with one hand. It has unparalleled smoke penetration. Our waterproof flashlight has a 2 hour continuous run time on Turbo with a full charge. Our easy to use and durable flashlight was made with the firefighter in mind so grab a new SuperStrike today and it will fast become your favorite companion.